NSMBA Trail Pass

$15.00 CAD

The North Shore Trail Pass is a fee that is collected by the NSMBA that is used directly for trail building and trail building resources. It does not pay for administrative costs or insurance, just trail building resources.  A Trail Pass is also ideal for riders who are not from the North Shore but would like to give back in some way. Think of it almost as a lift ticket.

A North Shore Trail Pass is valid for the year indicated on the sticker.  North Shore Trail Pass' are sold seperate from a membership with the NSMBA and is ideal for people who are looking to give back beyond their annual membership.  Although the purchase of a Trail Pass does not give you the same benefits as an annual membership (Insurance coverage for events and races, monthly email updates on events and trail updates) it does give you the extra piece of mind that you are contributing directly to the local trail system.